Panier des Sens Provence Perfumed Soap


Bath time! Formulated with citrus essential oils, this energising soap from Panier des Sens revives the senses with its fruity, sunny perfume. The extra-gentle vegetable base soap, is produced in France using the traditional know-how of the Provençal master soap makers. The delicate lather is rich in essential oils and is suited to all skin types. Made in France.

The sparkling freshness of Citrus peel combined with the healing properties of sage and petitgrain softens the skin... A precious blend of balancing essential oils with a mischievous and sparkling fragrance!

‐ 97% natural
‐ 100% recycled and recyclable packaging
‐ Vegan friendly
‐ Cruelty free
‐ Made in France
‐ 150g

LEMON AND CYPRESS ESSENTIAL OILS The essence of Provence, this fragrance is a mix of Lemon and Cypress essential oils. The Citrus essential oils quicken body dynamism with their fruity and sunny scents. They help to reduce tiredness by waking up the epidermis. The Cypress essential oil brings power and warmth to the fragrance while the Artemisia balance properties soften our formulas for daily care use. The combination of these 3 natural essential oils improves your everyday mood and gives you a kick start every morning! Soft and stimulating, the Lemon essential oil gives its natural radiance to your skin.

SWEET ALMOND Protected in a soft and green velvet shell, evoking both bitterness and softness, the Almond contains incredible cosmetic properties. The kernel softens and smoothes the skin. Rich in vitamins A and E, its oil deeply moisturises and nourishes.