Panier des Sens Organic Honey Exfoliating Liquid Soap


Made from 100% vegetable oils, Panier des Sens Organic Honey Exfoliating Liquid Soap is produced in a traditional cauldron. This soap has a gentle, delicately exfoliating texture. The fine grains of this scrub cleanse the skin deep-down without abrasion, so that it can be used several times a day. The natural enzymes contained in this amber-coloured nectar make it a true de-toxifer that acts gently and is perfect for exfoliating treatments. The result... even the most delicate skin is daily gently cleansed, oxygenated and smoothed.

Panier des Sens has drawn inspiration from nature to create its Regenerating Honey skincare range made from organic honey from Provence and propolis. The blend of nourishing, regenerating and protective active ingredients makes all skin types feel soft and smooth. Made in France.

Thanks to its high sugar content, honey locks water molecules in the cells, boosts moisturising and stops skin feeling dry. Skin is better protected from external aggressors. Honey is enriched with vitamins and minerals making it an exceptional active ingredient with nourishing and regenerative properties.

PUMICE STONE - Exfoliating Pumice is a volcanic-rock stone shaped by nature that is formed when molten materials cool. The use of pumice to soften the skin dates back to ancient times. Its rubbing movement removes dead skin.

COPRA OIL - Protective This oil, made from dry coconut pulp, is rich in lauric acid and is traditionally used in soaps for its foaming and cleansing power. Its fatty acid content makes it a highly-valued ingredient for its softening, emollient and protective virtues. When deodorised, copra oil is a good alternative to virgin coconut oil, which has a very strong smell.

GLYCERINE - Moisturising Glycerine, made during the traditional cauldron-cooking soap-making process, is naturally present in our liquid Marseille soaps. As it's capable of retaining up to 25% of its weight in water, it acts as a water reservoir for the skin and is therefore an excellent moisturising agent. It's also renowned for its emollient, protective properties and regenerative properties.