HOLIDAY BRUNCH - Paint by Numbers

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Create your own masterpiece with our high-quality paint by numbers kit. Our kit includes everything you need to get started, from a pre-printed canvas to high-quality paints and brushes. Suitable for all ability levels and ages.

Painting will feel like a holiday when you create your own masterpiece with our Holiday Brunch Paint by Numbers Kit! With soft, pastel colours, you'll be able to make brunch time truly special (none of that boring scrambled eggs business here!) Get ready to transform your art skills to gourmet-level!

This is a 40x50cm framed paint by numbers kit. framed paint by numbers kit is a pre-framed canvas with a numbered design, while a rolled one requires separate framing.

∙ 50x40cm framed canvas (A framed Paint by Numbers kit is a canvas with the design printed on it that is stretched onto a frame)
∙ 3 wooden paint brushes
∙ 24 numbered paint pots

*Please note, colours may appear slightly different in person. We do our best to provide an accurate representation, but lighting and photography can have an impact on this.