Floral Fields Christmas Stickers on a roll - 40 pack


The most adorable box of gold foil printed adhesive stickers. Boxed within the cutest box, with rear dispenser for beautiful and fun Christmas gift wrapping!


40 Stickers on a roll printed with gold foil. Illustrated by Sherry Lou Studio. Housed within a gold foil printed tapered box. 5 different stickers designs, printed 8 times each.


Printed on heavy duty matt laminated adhesive paper stocks with adhesive rear.


Undo the rear flap on the box, open the box up and extract out the sticker roll. Release the end of the sticker sheet, Insert back into the box, and feed through the rear slit for easy extraction when gift wrapping.


Stickers: 80 x 40 mm each

Box: 100 x 100 x 50mm