Blue Lobster Cotton Socks


Make your own luck with these Blue Lobster cotton socks!

They say there's only a one in two million chance to find a blue lobster but here you have it, you can find blue lobsters daily if you like. 😉

Made from the best materials we could source, these socks will help you feel anything is possible!

Our sock recipe:

Joode socks are made from:

  • 86% premium Turkish combed cotton for softness 
  • 12% polyamide for durability
  • 2% elastane for just the right amount of stretch.

Designed with love in Australia.

Ethically manufactured in Turkey.

Ready to step to it straight out of the box.

Size Guide:  

36-40 / US 5-9

41-46 / US 10-14

Care instructions

To keep your socks looking their best, chuck them in the wash with similar colours and let them dry on the line. Keep them out of the direct sun and avoid the dryer if possible. It’s really that simple.

Let's be a perfect pair!