Blooming Iris Marseille Liquid Soap


Naturally rich in glycerine from the traditional saponification process this Marseille Liquid Soap cleanses gently with a delicate floral fragrance. Powdery and sophisticated, iris blends here with musky, woody accords of cedar and violet. Its comfortable floral trail bewitches the senses, a perfect marriage of floral grace and the bewitching warmth of woods. Made in France in accordance with the traditional cauldron method of manufacturing Marseille soap. 

OLIVE OIL Known since antiquity for its regenerating and moisturising properties, its benefits are large and perfectly adapted to the needs of dry skin. Olive oil has antioxidant properties that help fight aging skin. The vitamin E, which fights the formation of free radicals, delays cell aging. Its nourishing and toning up action in depth improves the quality of your skin. Olive oil is a true alchemy of luxury!

COCONUT OIL The queen of vegetal oils, coconut oil is composed of 90% fatty acids, and contains vitamin E, vitamin K and iron. Cold pressed, its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties protect and nourish your skin and also helps against skin ageing. 100% natural, it leaves the skin softened, moisturized and deeply nourished.