Summer Love (50x50cm) Shohreen Raza


Framed in natural timber.

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Hey! It’s me Shohreen - a geophysicist and a self-taught artist. I’m married and live in Perth! I am doing art from my childhood, I got in from my father. I only make art when I am happy that’s why I call my art as “happy art” and believe that it brings happiness to people while looking at it. 

As an artist, my journey is a tapestry of colors, emotions, and stories waiting to be told. It all begins with a blank canvas and an insatiable urge to create. With every stroke of the brush, I breathe life into the mundane, infusing it with the extraordinary. My art is not just a reflection of the world around me, but a projection of my innermost thoughts and dreams.

In my quest for artistic growth, I embrace versatility, constantly experimenting with diverse styles and techniques!