Peachy Floral Drops - Long Round


Approx 6cm

Why would you want to blend in? My darling,don't you know that YOU were born to stand out, you are precious, one of a kind, and beautiful. Life is too short for boring jewellery, embrace your boldness and stand out in your very own pretty, colourful, and bold design from Kat Loves Steve.

Each piece is individually handmade in Tasmania, and is a one of a kind item due to the intricate nature of each design. Made with quality polymer clay, each pair is lovingly created with attention to detail and joyfulness in mind.

Earrings: All Kat Loves Steve Earrings have quality stainless steel earring posts, or hooks. If your earrings have a gold hook, it is gold plated plated stainless steel, made in the USA. These should provide comfort for sensitive ears! 

Please note that pattern placement may vary.