Panier des Sens Christmas Ball Hand Cream - Precious Jasmine


The beautifully decorated hand cream is presented with in festive Panier des Sens style. Hang the fun gift on the tree with its ribbon. Decorated with magical illustrations perfect for gifting to loved ones. 

The small delicate blossoms of Jasmin Grandiflorum were used in the 16th century by the master perfumers of Grasse. Very quickly this veritable botanical became an essential element of a perfumers' palette. Picked at dawn in August, its pristine flowers deliver a captivating powdery and slightly fruity fragrance. Panier des Sens pays homages to Jasmine with this silky cream that nourishes and protects the skin. An ultimate beauty ritual, the formula contains olive oil for soft and supple hands.

Exclusively imported and distributed by Saison.