Flames (28x28cm) Karen Canning

$295.00 $250.75

Oak frame, ready to hang. 


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Encaustic painting is an ancient art form and can be traced back to the 5th century BC. Encaustic wax is a combination of beeswax and an additive to strengthen and raise the melting temperature. Typically damar resin is used though other additives are sometimes used. Layers of molten wax are applied to wooden structures/panels. It has beautiful luminous qualities which can be coloured. The wax can be embedded, collaged, scraped, textured and  polished to a high sheen. Encaustic wax is a natural adhesive and preservative, it is moisture resistant, mildew and fungus resistant and unappetising to insects. Wax paint doesn’t contain solvents or oils so will not darken or yellow with age, it is 100% archival.

Care for Encaustic Wax

Encaustic paint is the most durable form of painting, evidenced by the Faiyum mummy portraits in Egypt. They have survived over 2000 years without cracking, flaking or fading.

Do not hang fine art in direct sunlight, encaustic wax in particular should always feel cool to touch. Encaustic wax is stable from 4 - 49 degrees C. Use a soft lint free cloth to gently buff if it becomes dull looking, this happens during curing time (around 6 months) It should always look shiny. After that time it will retain it’s polished look. At this point it will repel dirt and dust more readily.

Properly looked after your Encaustic wax painting will last many life times.

For over 20 years I have explored different mediums including; acrylic paint, mixed media, textiles, wire art and encaustic wax.

I am fortunate to have an expansive studio space on the beautiful escarpment in Toowoomba. I work in it everyday and usually has several projects on the go at any given time. This of course can seem quite chaotic, but I am energised by the creative process and am never lost for ideas.

Experimentation is important in my process and I love nothing more than creating beautiful and treasured objects from something unexpected or discarded.

I continue to explore new mediums and techniques to produce a diverse array of artwork. 

Wire is used extensively in my work as I find its versatility enables me to create sculptural and fluid pieces.

My award winning art has been exhibited extensively and commissioned pieces hang proudly in prominent residences and businesses here in Australia and abroad.

One of the best ways to establish the personality of your home, is by decorating it with art. By buying original art you are buying unique one-of-a-kind pieces that has taken many hours, days and in a lot of my work, weeks to produce.