Duck Blue Boots

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Kitted and ready to explore the inner reaches of the rainforest jungle, this duck puts on his blue coloured rain boots in order to protect his webbed feet. Skillfully crafted using premium quality resin material, this duck possesses a timeless decorative appeal that customers would consider perfect for brightening their interior décor.
The Duck Blue Boots is an elegantly charming decorative piece even though it showcases simplicity in design. Using top quality resin, it is cleverly crafted in the shape of a duck which outlines all the major features of these terrestrial-aquatic birds. It showcases the duck's flat beak, the round dotted eyes, folded wings, and tail feathers. Its webbed feet are hidden in rain boots painted in a blue colour while the sole of the boots is hued in black. The feather which covers the duck is a greenish stained white and has its body sparsely covered in green dotted patterns.