Daymaker Stationery - Shapes 'Meal Plan & Shopping List' Magnetised A4 Notepad

Stress-free meal planning; optimally designed with a perforated shopping list. As self-confessed stationery enthusiasts, we've made this A4 ‘Meal Planner & Shopping’ effortlessly aesthetic and wildly functional. Optimised for efficiency, the ‘Meal Planner & Shopping’ A4 notepad incorporates both Monday to Sunday meal planner and a shopping checklist, which can be easily torn from the rest of the page.  Offering the freedom to structure your daily eating habits, with three blank lines for each day and a notes section below, this planner is the perfect companion for stress-free meal planning.  The tear-off feature affords the option to compartmentalise each week by either storing for future viewing or simply throwing away! Proudly designed and made in Australia with luxe PEFC certified paper. Size: A4, 1210x297 mm Material: 100gsm PEFC certified paper Features: 50 printed pages Origin: Made in Australia