Daymaker Stationery - ✧ 'Australiana' Lined Letter Writing Stationery ft. Apothecary Artist - Stationery Set

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Daymaker letter writing stationery is a nod to a traditional practise & modernised by gorgeous illustrations & quality paper ...Letter Writing is Back! Designed by Daymaker Stationery, the creative studio behind Honest Paper, featuring illustrations by Apothecary Artist. As part of the 'Floriography' collection, the flower meanings on this design are as follows: Banksia: protection, regeneration, discovery. Chamomile Sun-Ray: energy in action, patience, ingenuity. Lilli Pilli: friend of birds, you have my love, inspiration. Grevillea: impulsive acts of love, sweetness, abundance. Wattle: unity, national pride, resilience Intricately painted here in the Hunter Valley by Vanessa Lewis, the Apothecary Artist, and created in collaboration with Honest Paper.